Pharmacy Technician: A Worthy Career

If you are looking for a career in the field of healthcare that will open up a wide door of opportunities and earning potential, then becoming a pharmacy technician is something that you may want to think about. As a pharmacy tech, your primary role is to provide assistance to a licensed pharmacist in order to ensure that the pharmacy is running smoothly and efficiently. You can expect to be involved in tasks such as preparing prescription medications, attending to customer needs, and providing assistance in administrative duties in such environment. One of the best ways of becoming successful as a pharmacy technologist is by undergoing a formal training program and receiving pharmaceutical tech certification.

A typical day for a pharmacy tech involves receiving prescription requests, labelling of medicine bottles, counting and weighing tablets, and mixing medications. Upon filling of a prescription, it will then be priced and filed, and then a licensed pharmacist proceeds to check if everything is complete and in order before the prescription drug is given to a patient. Besides working with prescription drugs, a pharmacy technician may also be involved with administrative tasks such as maintaining patient profiles, answering phone calls, performing inventory of medications, processing of insurance claim forms, and handling of cash register transactions.

Pharmaceutical techs work under the direct supervision of licensed pharmacists. Besides hospitals and retail/mail-order pharmacies, they may also find employment in medical stores, nursing homes, health and personal care stores, and in assisted living facilities as well. Work environment is also something to look forward to in this career because the workplace is usually somewhere that is clean, well—ventilated, organized, and well-lighted. Work schedules will vary depending on the place of employment, but it is not uncommon to be required to work on nightshifts, weekends, and holidays as well, especially in pharmacies that have 24-hour operating hours.

Even though there are no formal training requirements for pharmacy technicians, enrolling in a formal training program offered by pharmacy technician schools is recommended since it can provide an individual with a broad range of employment opportunities and a higher earning potential. Formal training programs accredited by such schools or colleges are offered in vocational schools, community colleges, and in select hospitals as well. These can be completed in as short as 6 months and as long as 2 years and usually consist of theoretical studies and laboratory work that tackles relevant law, working ethics, pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, and proper record keeping.

A career as a pharmacy technologist also presents an individual with an excellent job outlook since employment is forecasted to increase by 31 percent through the year 2018 based on the statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Since prescription drugs will always be in demand regardless of the economic situation, job security is generally not an issue for this career. Excellent employment opportunities await pharmacy technicians with a good educational and training background, adequate working experience, and certification. During the year 2008, the BLS reported average earnings for pharmaceutical techs at $13.32 per hour, while the lowest and highest 10 percent of the population had earnings of less than $9.27 per hour and more than $18.98 per hour respectively.

Healthcare Workers on the Hunt for Pharmacy Technicians and Medical Assistants

Despite the fact that the rate of unemployment in the United States was constantly increasing beyond the 9 percent mark over the last two years, it’s surprising to see how a lot of businesses are still having a hard time filling vacant positions. Even with plenty of employment opportunities, the main problem that a lot of healthcare companies face is finding potential healthcare workers who have sufficient qualifications, particularly those who have undergone accredited training programs.

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  Study Reveals That More Responsibilities Should Be Awarded to Pharmacy Technicians

According to two recent surveys, there is reason to believe that there is a need to assign more duties to pharmacy technicians despite the fact that their duties have significantly increase over the last few years.
It was the American Society for Health System Pharmacists which headed the two surveys and based on their analysis, they believe that pharmacy technicians will remain to be a primary role player in improving the healthcare sector of the United States. According to public policy experts and economists, they foresee an improvement in the healthcare sector of the United States as the years go by. And with the number of patients increasing each day, the demand for medical assistants will only go higher and higher.

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